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The most complete toolkit for engineering managers

Being an engineering leader is hard. You need to be always on top of things, while being constantly pulled from every direction.

We know how hard it is because we lived through it in many organizations.

During the last 10+ years leading engineering teams, we developed our own set of tools. Today you can leverage the value of years of experience that will put you on a fast-track to success.

ZenLeadr is a fast, proven, and intelligent companion to your day-to-day leading adventure — you'll feel like you have superpowers.

Stay on top of things

Products, people, teams, recruiting: all in one easy-to-use app (finally).

ZenLeadr covers the entire spectrum of an engineering leader's responsibility. From your first day on the job to your last one, ZenLeadr is your hub, your copilot that will assist you when you most need it.

Keep track of who's in which team, take notes and record events so that you are always on top of things — anytime.

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No more turnover

Don't just hire the best, keep them aboard and happy

ZenLeadr and its growth-oriented approach will help you evolve your team.
Fight turnover by giving to your team the attention it deserves.

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Track your success, automatically

Drive your own performance review

Finally, a structured solution to easily track all the small and big wins you have with KPIs and metrics that reflect your work.

Your own personal knowledge base

No more guesswork, quickly brush-up facts

Timely alerts and event suggestions: browse your knowledge graph easily. Everything is just clicks away.

Learn what you need to know

Survey your teams and get direct feedback

Choose from a catalog of powerful questions designed to give you insights on your work or feedback about your company.

Awkward 1:1s, no more

Lead bilaterals with questions that matter

An entire section dedicated to your bilaterals, with templates, guides and tools to stimulate level 3 conversations.

Supercharge your skills

What you need to know, when you need it.

Alerts, notifications and guided sessions synced with your calendar to maximize your productivity.

It’s like having a smart executive assistant that held your surf through your day.

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What's included?

  • FREE forever
  • 14 days 'Pro' trial, no credit card required
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Your own personal journal
  • Powerful search & filters
  • Only 1 direct report


For a single leader managing unlimited direct reports.


everything from 'Free' plus:

  • 14 days FREE, no credit card required
  • Unlimited direct reports
  • Access to all historical 1:1s
  • Professional 1:1s templates
  • Manager Journal
  • Standard support


For SMB with up to 5 leaders managing unlimited direct reports.


everything from 'Pro' plus:

  • Up to 5 'Pro' accounts
  • Company team management
  • Custom roles & experience levels
  • Custom 1:1s templates
  • Custom survey templates
  • Custom reports
  • Tailored support
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Is there any limit in the 'Free' plan?

Yes. You will be limited to just 1 direct report. This is enough for you to try out the product. You can upgrade to 'Pro' anytime. All new accounts get 14 days 'Pro' trial.

Do you offer discounts?

No, we don't. From time to time, though, we run campaign and promotions.

Can I downgrade from my 'Pro' plan?

Yes. You can downgrade at any time to the 'Free' plan. We are keen to learn why to improve our product, feel free to email us at info@zenleadr.com.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We do our utmost to keep your data private and secure. We use the most advanced encryption standards to guarantee that. We understand you might have more questions and we are happy to answer via email. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@zenleadr.com

How many managers can ZenLeadr 'Pro' be used for?

ZenLeadr 'Pro' is intended to be a personal tool for a single leader. When you sign up, you'll get your own account with which you can create teams and add your direct reports. If you need more accounts for multiple managers, you might want to look into our 'Company' plan. You can send your inquiry to info@zenleadr.com.

I'm a ZenLeadr 'Pro' user, can I switch to a 'Company' account?

Yes, of course. There are 2 ways to do that: 1) you switch your own account by upgrading to 'Company' from your subscription management area, 2) you receive an invite to join an already existing company.

Is ZenLeadr a sort of framework that I should apply?

No. ZenLeadr is a tool designed to adapt to every management style. You don't need to learn a 'new way' of doing things. You know your work much better than we do. ZenLeadr is here to help you be more organized and confident.

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